Бык из Паллонетто (2018)
Il Toro del Pallonetto
постер "Бык из Паллонетто"
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короткометражный, документальный
57 мин.
Луиджи Барлетта
The film intends to shed light on a character known only by a few specialists in the world of boxing: Joe Esposito, The Bull of Pallonetto. Through his lifestory, some of the most important events of the 20th century are explored: from fascism to liberation, from migration towards America to the Soviet invasion of Hungary. The legendary figure of Joe was unjustly tainted for years by betting scandals; but Giuseppe Esposito represents an exemplary figure for the city of Naples: a man of humble origins who fought to build himself a future, succeeding in resisting and fighting against all adversities of an unfortunate destiny.

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